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Professional PDR in Chipley FL

Mitch's Collision has removed dents on many vehicle types and body styles using Paintless Dent Repair - including passenger cars, SUV's, trucks, vans, and Jeeps.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a cost-effective repair method that restores a vehicle's body to factory-like condition in a fraction of the time of traditional auto body repair. If your vehicle gets a small to medium sized dent from something like hail, or a baseball, it may be a good option.

Can my vehicle be repaired with PDR?

In order for PDR to be an option we will need to evaluate the damage and vehicle with a two-step process.

Determining the severity of damage

Our techs will look for the parameters that we have outlined below that may indicate that your dent(s) can be repaired. If the dent(s) fall within these parameters, the tech will move  on to the step two.

Access behind the damaged area

If our technician finds that the area behind the dent(s) is accessible and will not impede the ability to repair the dent, then PDR will be recommended.

What parts can be repaired with PDR?

  • Most Doors

  • Front Fenders

  • Quarter Panels

  • Roof

Parameters for PDR

If any of the parameters below cannot be met, then the vehicle will have to be repaired with the traditional auto body repair process.

General Parameters Include:

  • vehicle body panel material - alloy or sheet metal*

  • panel shape

  • severity of the dent(s)

  • location of the dent(s)

  • ability to get access behind the dents(s)

* Materials like carbon fiber, or fiberglass cannot be repaired with PDR.

Additional Parameters:

  • paint is not cracked

  • no severe scratching or creasing

  • no cladding or plastic attached to the area to hinder process

  • dent(s) are not too deep or too large

  • vehicle's body lines do not intersect or straddle the dent

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for repair costs. Estimates are available anytime.

Email Us for faster service.

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